There are three options for getting to the workshop venue. These are listed below.


In general the best way to get to Copenhagen is to take a plane to Copenhagen Airport.

  • A taxi from the airport to the institute will cost 2-300 DKK (30-40 EUR).
  • The cheaper (and faster) option is to take the metro from the airport to Nørreport station. You pass the ticket office in the airport on your way to the metro.
  • From Nørreport station you have a variety of bus options to get to the institute. The stop is called "Blegdamsvej, Rigshospitalet".
  • The ticket from the metro is valid on the bus.
  • A walking route from the station to the institute is marked on the map.
  • Schedules for metro and buses may be found here.


International trains go to Copenhagen Central Station. You are advised to proceed by "S-train" to Nørreport station and follow the directions above to get to the institute.

Private car:

To get a detailed description on how to get to the institute, we invite you to look at this map. In general the parking situation in Copenhagen is not ideal (and not cheap either). The institute can accomodate a small number of cars on its property, though. Please inform the organizers if you require a parking permit for the institute.